Mustang Most Searched Collectable Car in U.S.


By David Ashton

According to classic, the Ford Mustang is the most searched for collectable classic car in North America. The findings are presented in a state-by-state map which show which vehicles are the most searched for.

The iconic pony car came in first being the most searched in 13 states, with the Chevy Impala coming in second in seven states, the Camaro in third place, being topping five states and the Corvettes, Dodge Charger and the Ford Thunderbird coming in third been the most popular in three states. The data was pulled from 3,736,942 unique searches in 2016.

It’s not surprising that the iconic Mustang topped the majority of the searches having such a long history, but it didn’t have complete blanket winnings across all states. Trucks were the most popular in West Virginia and Oklahoma.

The findings also show that the collectable muscle/pony car market is still very strong and showing no signs of slowing down. The Dodge Charger and the Ford Fairline which are two of the top contenders in the list are also two featured cars in the latest FF movie – ‘The Fate of the Furious.’


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