Honda Gold Wing F6C more lighter

Honda Gold Wing F6C more lighter – Not wanting to lose the two-wheeled automotive companies in the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, Honda Motor also launched the latest big motor, the new Honda Gold Wing F6C.

After read from, Honda claim the latest Gold Wing that it is much more aggressive and lighter. Therefore, there are some omitted as the box on the right and left side, fairing and luggage.

Even so, Honda retains the motor engine. Because, still pinning 1.8 liter 6-cylinder engine that is capable of throwing power 116 hp with 167 Nm of torque.

Before evolved as it is today, the Honda Gold Wing was deliberately launched the iconic and instantly American adventurer to travel long distances.

This motor is claimed to be very convenient when driving, because of the weight reached 341 kilograms, were classified as having the same load between the front and rear.

For new Honda Gold Wing FC6 series, equipped with telescopic forks at the front, in the back paired aluminum swing arm with Pro-link single shock linkage technology plus HMAS (Honda Multi Action system).
Unfortunately, Honda has not given pricing information for New Gold Wing F6C.

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