Ford motor will produces cheap car

Many car manufacturers are are interested to make a cheap and environmentally friendly cars. One of them is Ford, American car manufacturer who recently announced interest to play in a cheap car.

cheap car

Cheap car

Reportedly, cheap car that will be produced Ford the price will be under Ford Fiesta and will serve global product as Fiesta, thus was quoted from Inautonews.

“We see car manufacturers around the world became interested in making a cheap car. Therefore we also will begin to follow the car at a price below the offering
Fiesta,” said Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally.

Unfortunately, Mulally gave no details about the cheap cars will be produced and sold any country. But for Europe, Ford already has a small and inexpensive vehicles that cost much cheaper than the Ford Fiesta.

But according to Mulally, did not rule out the possibility that low-cost cars will be sold globally. To work on these cheap cars, Ford has no plans to make a separate brand or use other brands such as Renault Dacia in Romania.

Ford Fiesta


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