A first Look at the all new Aston Martin DB11

I miss Aston Martin Redding where I’ve been granted an exclusive first look at Austin’s latest model. A car that’s a big deal. A car, that’s hiding under this black cover.

new Aston Martin DB11

Think it’s an exaggeration to say what’s underneath here is perhaps the most important car Aston Martin is launched in the last 50 years. DBA 11 absolutely stunning is now. The DBA 11 replaces the db9 in the Aston Martin range jumper number partly because James Bond how David and partly. Because this represents such a big jump over the db9 male see warranted missing a number. Under the bonnet we’ve got an all-new 5.2 liter v12 engine with two turbos turbocharged because of emissions regulations rarely.

5.2 liter v12 engine

Produces 600 horsepower 516 pound-feet of torque and pushes the car along to not to 60 in 3.9 seconds and 200 miles an hour. Best of all though you can have it with the manual gearbox. The design language in the 11 styling is completely new. Really is absolutely seen very much an Aston Martin but very different from what’s gone before this sort of style is gonna be rolled out across all the other Aston Martins in the range over the next few years. May well be the best-looking range of cars on the market. There are some truly ingenious little details on the dbl 11. You’ll notice for a 200 mile an hour no spoiler but what actually has is what a scam articles of virtual spoiler.

DBA 11 Aston Martin spoiler

What is this little great just in the booth later and what happens it as these air intakes on the side and I get pummeled down through these through the bootlegs and suggested hair out of that little great and it creates the same effect as a spoiler putting that also block airflow over the top of the consecrated down force without actually having a Greek spoiler messing up blinds.

The DBA 11 really is all new even the structure under it is brand new chassis is the same source of bonded aluminum frame this underpin the old cars but it’s completely new version of it in like the old chassis it will eventually on the pain every other car in the Aston Martin right. There are but will during array of color and trim combinations available from the DBA 11. So I asked Anderson top designers to put together these selections things around the kind of lifestyle typical by my have.

Aston Martin here top-quality materials

Is a deeply deeply special place but it’s much better than the old db9 mostly because you can actually see what all the buttons do. It really is as you’d expect some Aston Martin here top-quality materials put together really is the kind of craftsmanship you can only get in Britain. So that’s very quick look around the media left and it really is a very special train and he saw the first in a complete revamp of the Aston Martin range by 2020 the current plans hinge vanquish and rough he will have been replaced and Aston Martin launched the new BBX crossover.

Aston Martin top-quality materials DBA 11

The DBA 11 or hit the road later this year price from about 160,000 pounds. If you won’t want better getting quick interest in it is already use is going to be a big waiting list for it. Personally I think he’s really worth the wait and the money it’s really very special. We’ve seen the car now less told to a man who knows all about Austin’s grand plan.

So that’s what the future holds her Aston Martin we’re really looking forward to seeing what follows the DBA 11

Published: Patrik Jonsson


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