Find Of The Day: A Free Dodge Charger


By Dave Ashton

This is arguably a very loose version of find of the Day, but nevertheless it’s a Dodge Charger free of charge as long as you can take it away.

Apparently this is part of an estate located near Pine City, Minnesota and the Dodge Charger has been sat for many years as you can see from the images. There are very few details about the vehicle apart from the ad. saying that they have ‘some boxes of spare parts.’

This is possibly as bad as it gets when it comes to a field find, but there could possibly be something salvageable like the chassis or a few parts here and there. It also looks like in one of the images a few other rusted out vehicles in the woods which could be made use of, so you could make use of the few potential donor vehicles here.

Available on craigslist here.

Comment below with what you think of this field/wood find.



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