The Cars That Made America History Channel Special


By Dave Ashton

The history Channel have premiered a new three episode miniseries entitled ‘The Cars That Made America’ on Sunday, August 13 2017 at 8 p.m, hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Each two-hour episode looks in detail at vehicles that change the American automotive landscape with the main people who influenced each car.

Such icons such as Henry Ford, the Dodge Bros and Walter Chrysler are highlighted with archive footage and great close-up looks at each vehicle. We are obviously interested in the muscle/pony car sections, but the interesting thing is how muscle/pony cars were a natural progression from what came before, driven by the wants and needs of automotive fans. Those vehicles influencing and impacting what came after.

The icons of the muscle/pony car times are covered such as the 1964½ Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvair, Shelby Cobra and the Pontiac GTO. If you want a quick overview of all these vehicles, you can check out this link on the History Channel website.

It’s enough to say that this short series is definitely worth checking out for any automotive fan if you like American vehicles or not.

The latest episode

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