Banishing the Monday mopes: Watch an old Subaru do its own gymkhana


The guy behind the wheel is fabricator and rally fan, Tyler Witte. Wanting to make his dream come true, he assembled a team to help produce the video in five days, and the result is phenomenal.

Fully helmeted-up and with the window down, Witte reverses the first-generation 2.5 RS Impreza up a dirt ramp, then it’s just fun and games once the throttle is pressed to the floor.



Included in the four-minute video are dirt jumps, racing through shipping containers and lots of sideways action.

Witte throws the coupe into a dizzying donut and continues flat-out onto bitumen weaving in and out of obstacles.

Arriving at a cable spool, the Subaru does some more circle-work, and you can see a brave cameraman get extremely close to the rear of the car.


The finale is one to watch, which involves large machinery and some pretty artwork.